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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda

When was the last time your cup of coffee aided a nation?  Most people probably never think about where their coffee fix comes from and how it might impact the people of a country.  That's where Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda comes in.  Inspired by the people and spirit of Rwanda, Grae Hightower De Niro (yes, wife of Robert De Niro) has created these remarkable roasted coffees.

Through direct sourcing, fair trade, ethical practices and environmental stewardship, Grace's dedication to the coffee farmers of Rwanda will enable them to create a sustainable business that can be passed from generation to generation.  These coffee growers are creating a sustainable business that creates independence, enriches the community and helps the people of Rwanda thrive.

The coffee comes in 4 blends right now:

  • Medium Light Roast
  • Medium Dark Roast
  • Espresso Roast
  • Signature Series (a collection of small-lot coffees that are custom roasted to highlight its individual flavor)
Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.  

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