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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Keyprop Smartphone Camera Stand Plus Self-Timer KeyCam App

Check out the latest in Smartphone accessories - the Keyprop! This nifty little key stand that you carry along with your keys acts as a camera stand so that you can be in the picture too.  How often do we take selfies or hold our cameras at arms length only to get distorted photos from an odd angle (lots of nostrils and chopped off heads).  By using none, one or all of your keys you can prop your smartphone to just the right height to be IN the photo!

We all carry our smartphones wherever we are.  It's become our second brain remembering everything for us from our schedule to our database of contacts. I don't know if I even memorize many phone numbers these days because I've become so dependant on my smartphone.

In addition to the Keyprop you have to download the free KeyCam app from Integral Design.  What's so different about this camera is it has a bunch of self-timers counting down from 15, 10 or 5 seconds.  Or you can use the clap-to-snap feature and clap when you're ready to take your photo.  How cool is that?

So check it out, you can purchase the Keyprop today from Photojojo, and download the app right now!

Insert the Keyprop into the audio jack or in the case of the iPhone 5, the lightning port, to prop your iPhone.  So handy when you are using Facetime or Google Chat so you can be hands free!

How did I create the GIF above?  Here's the link that I used to create this from 4 separate photos.


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