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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

@thinkTANKphoto Best Case for Camera Gear and Apple Devices

I've gone through lots and lots of camera bags.  I have my stylish Epiphanie bag (which I love) and my rugged Tenba backpack.  But when it comes to traveling and everyday on-the-go photo sessions, I find I am using my thinkTANKphoto bag.  Why?  Because it keeps all of my gear, and I mean ALL of  my gear, in one place.  So when I'm done I just put it back in it's place and I don't have to scramble trying to remember where I last left it.  (For more information on my gear click here.)

I can easily carry two camera bodies, my two workhorse lenses (24-70mm and 70-200mm), two extra lenses (nifty fifty and my Lensbaby) and a bunch of accessories.  And best of all this is on wheels - sturdy in-line skate wheels that smoothly carry all my gear.  So far I've taken this to Australia, Hawaii, Washington, D.C., New York, - and it has been such an easy way to get through the airport without breaking my back.

Today thinkTANKphoto launched two new product lines designed for Apple devices, My Second Brain and Powerhouse.  With both, their designers sought to solve one of the biggest problems experienced with living a mobile lifestyle:  What to do with all of the cords, cables, and other accessories that tend to become jumbled up or disappear into the bottom of our bags right at those moments when we need them most?

My Second Brain – The four ultra thin My 2nd Brain™ bags were created with pockets specifically sized for Apple ® computers and accessories and all the tools needed to support a digital lifestyle.  You may wonder about the name My Second Brain.  It conveys how thinkTANKphoto offloaded so much of their information onto our devices and intermixed their usages, much like having a second brain.  
                                                                                              Powerhouse – Created for MacBook Pro® laptop power adapters and AC cable plus pens, small cables, USB drives, and other small accessories.  

I am a thinkTANKphoto affiliate.  All opinions are my own and I only endorse products I truly believe in.

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