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Thursday, December 12, 2013

GameStop - The Place to Shop, Sell, Trade-in and Buy for the Holidays

I was so fortunate to check out GameStop recently.  Little did I know that there are so many options there and not just for the electronic game junkie in your family.  There's a ton of stuff for the tech-minded gift giver (and gift receiver) this holiday season.

In addition to what you might expect at GameStop such as all of the latest electronic game consoles and games, there is also the option to trade-in (for cash or store credit), sell, buy new, buy used - for the game and gadget person on your holiday list.

But what you may not know is you can take those games that your family no longer plays and get store credit or cash (you'll tend to get more in store credit than cash).  AND you can also check out smartphones, tablets and lots of accessories too.

I was planning on purchasing a new iPad Air.  My daughter told me I just missed Apple's yearly sale for such a gadget.  But check this out:  GameStop already has refurbished iPad Airs - yup. Just check out their site to keep track of what you're interested in.  Save at leaset $50 off the new price of an iPad Air.  Stock is low, so check back frequently.

In addition to trade-ins you can purchase a PowerUp rewards card for only $14.99.  That lets you get more points for purchases plus you get invited to exclusive product launches and the chance to check out games before they're ready for the general public.

So make some cash this holiday season from things that are just lying around the house - or get a nice discount off something new for your game-gadget guru!

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