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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fresh Feet - Put a Spring in your Step

When it’s boot season oftentimes our feet get neglected.  That's when our feet are covered in layers of socks, boots, running shoes and high heels and we don’t pamper them like we do when it’s sandal season.  But winter is the best time to pamper your feet to be sure they aren’t developing callouses.  Otherwise you will have to get out that sand paper to get rid of those cracked heels!  But wait, now there’s Fresh Feet by Fresh Body. 
Fresh Feet applies like a nice creamy lotion and dries to a powder.  It is all-natural, completely free of parabens, talc and aluminum.  I know a lot of folks, myself included, who often put talcum powder in shoes to prevent those sweaty feet.  But the result is a powdery mess that leaves a residue on shoes which you sometimes forget to wipe off.  With Fresh Feet you won’t have that problem anymore. 

Fresh Feet is hypoallergenic, made in the USA, and tested on humans only – not animals!  Using Fresh Feet will prevent chafing and wetness, great if you’re an athlete and get sweaty feet.

So check out Fresh Feet BEFORE summer and sandal season so you won’t have that embarrassing moment when someone says “take your shoes  off and relax!”

Fresh Feet can be found at Walgreens and other local drug stores.  Oh, and check out the other FRESH BODY products, and this hilarious video on Youtube.  But don’t ignore what these products can do for you.. men included.  Check out the line of fresh products at Fresh Body.  You’ll be all fresh and happy, men included.  Check out this hilarious video.  It mentions the unmentionable.  Warning - you may laugh if you can get over the embarrassment.

Disclaimer - I was provided with a tube of Fresh Feet.  All opinions are 100% my own. My feet are fresh and soft after just a few days use. Check it out!

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