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Friday, August 1, 2014

Walmart To Go Keeps Life Simple

Save $10 on your first order by clicking on my referral link.

For the second time in a few weeks I have taken the stress away from my shopping routine.  It's been a crazy, hectic summer with all 3 of my kids working, little time to plan meals and on top of that I'm busy with my photography business doing shoots a few nights a week.  I'm lucky because I get fed wonderful dinners at events while my family has to scrounge for theirs.  So link to this page to find out about Walmart To Go makes life simple.  I can order what I need for them to make dinner, keep supplies on hand for breakfast and keep our toiletries and every day essentials in stock.  Without missing a beat!

What's so nice is everything that is perishable is refrigerated in their trucks and comes cold and ready to put in my own refrigerator.  All other non-perishable items are in separate crates.  The handy-dandy delivery guys come with a smile and bring everything straight to your home.  This saves me SO much time, it's super easy to open a Walmart To Go account and get started.  And your first few deliveries are FREE.  What could be better?  Oh - I know -the super prices that you find for things like cereal (best prices around), plus all of their weekly sales that you can find online.  

Plan your week from the comfort of your lazy boy chair!  Order, pick a delivery window (usually within a 2 hour time slot) and get on with your life.  It's super simple, fast and saves you so much time. And with free delivery - who wouldn't want to do it?

Are you a Bay Area influencer?  Then check out and sign up for the Walmart To Go First - VIP Experience

Disclosure:  I was provided with an initial eVoucher to test Walmart To Go out.  But since then I have spent my own money and saved my own time by shopping this super fast and efficient way.  I'm so pleased with this service plus my kids can order what they need too.  Make life simple. Shop Walmart To Go.

As a participant in the Walmart to Go First program, I’ve received a personal invite and payment for my time and efforts in creating this post.

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