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Monday, September 8, 2014

Locally Sourced Produce at Safeway

When my children were younger we would often frequent our local farmers market. I did this to expose my children to fresh, locally produced fruits and vegetables.  Now that they are older and we've all become busier, it's been great to know that I can stop by my local Safeway grocery store and pick up a wide variety of locally sourced produce.  It's like having a farmers market 24/7.

Just look at the wonderful array of fruits and vegetables in this bushel of farm fresh produce from my local Safeway.  From fresh plums, red pears and pomegranates to green peppers, zucchini, and heirloom tomatoes, Safeway partners with local farmers to bring organically grown produce to you.
In a study by Harris Interactive they found that only 30% of Americans incorporate local produce in their meals on a daily basis.  More and more children are being diagnosed with diabetes at an earlier age and this recent article shows the 5 shocking reasons why more people are clinically obese. It's more important than ever to educate our children from the get-go about healthy eating habits, introduce organically and locally grown fruits and vegetables to your dinner table, and support your local farmers.

What can you find at Safeway from your local farmers?  I'm able to select wonderfully fresh and organically grown fruits and vegetables like zucchini, bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes, eggplant and creamy, yummy avocados.  Sweet plums, pomegranates, pears and other seasonal fruits that are sweet enough to curb your dessert cravings will have your children asking for seconds. 

Recently my youngest daughter re-discovered avocados.  When she saw two ripe avocados in my basket she put together a wonderful Turkey-Avocado-Bacon grilled sandwich.  We used our favorite Oroweat Whole Grain Oatnut bread, Safeway Select Roasted Turkey, and some Safeway Select Extra Thick Naturally Smoked Bacon.  We also cut open the ruby red pomegranate which is locally soured and SO GOOD for you.  Check out my basket of goodies, our Turkey-Bacon-Avocado Sandwich, and be sure to see the Safeway Video at the very end.  Locally sourced produce from farmers near you.  If you haven't done so recently - it's time to check it out!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a basket of locally sourced produce from Safeway.  I was also provided with a $50 giftcard to purchase additional items to complete our wonderfully array of organic produce.  I only promote product I truly love and use regularly.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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