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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Video Entertainment Guide - Setting up Parental Controls

The holidays are quickly approaching and with that, millions of kids and adults are sure to get new video games.  But do you know the rating for each of their games, - are they age appropriate?

I remember giving my 3 daughters an array of video games through the years.  I remember the glee they had when they unwrapped their first video game, the Nintendo Game Boy Classic.  Now they mostly play video games with their Smartphones.   With ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) I can easily see the level of games they purchase and play.  Now that they are older they know how to select an appropriate rated game on their own.  They know the house rules.

Are video games 'bad' for you?  Check out this enlightening TedTalk by Jane McGonigal, a game maker.  She brings insight into the way games can help us as a society.

So over the holidays, take the time to get to know the games you selected for your children - or that others selected for them. If you have questions check out these wonderful parent guides over at the ESRB site.

As an example, Monica Vila, owner of TheOnlineMom explains how to set up Parental Controls on the Wii as well as a variety of other popular video game boxes.  Watch the ones that pertain to your household and be rest-assured that your kids are being monitored even when you're not in the vicinity!

Happy Holidays - and make sure your video gamers are safe and sound.

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