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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Coolibar Sun Protection - Clothes that Look Great While Providing Sun Protection

The month of May is SKIN CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.  Be forewarned and prepare your family for summer 2015 with beautiful and full sun protection wear from Coolibar. Skin cancer prevention is too often overlooked.  But recently my youngest daughter (who's only 17 years old) had a mole scare. And this was something "abnor-mole" for her. And be aware - "normally" there are lucky diagnosis, not close calls. 

Fortunately we discovered that there are fashionable UPF 50+ sun protection clothes. At first glance most people don't think clothing is such a big deal when you're outdoors, afterall, aren't all clothes sun protective? But upon closer inspection a lot of clothes don't cover susceptible areas on the body or proper sun protection.  And that fateful area where my daughter's mole was on her forearm. 

The difference between regular clothes and Coolibar clothes is the lightweight and high UPF factor. My daughter doesn't typically wear a long sleeve anything in the summer! But this jacket, even on an 80 degree day and in a sweaty environment, was comfortable and cool. It was like wearing a loose tank top! 

The fabric was incredibly soft and the color was just great. Check out the cowl neck hoodie here.  We got one in 'smock blue,' perfect for a spring or summer day. My daughter loved the two pockets which held her contents better than a hoodie. 

So remember Coolibar, -great clothes, full protection and definitely worth the price! The medical costs to remove the mole was in the range of $500. Have peace of mind and be sure to provide adequate sun protection for your family.

Find Coolibar on Facebook, Twitter Youtube and their Website

Check out more of the beautiful and full sun-protection line on their website, and social media pages!

Founded in 2001, Coolibar is dedicated to providing the highest quality sun protective clothing, hats and accessories. Its mission is to develop fabrics that save lives, protect loved ones and encourage a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle. Based in Minneapolis, Coolibar brings Australia’s world-leading approaches to sun protection to the American market and beyond by producing and selling sun protective apparel for active families through their catalog and website. Coolibar’s name comes from the famous eucalyptus tree found in the Australian Outback that provides relief and protection from the sun’s harsh rays.  I was provided with a beautiful cowl neck hoodie to check out - it's beautiful!

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