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Just Life

A list of posts about our life in the high tech lane in Silicon Valley.  Some content is also based on contributions as a Featured Contributor Writer for Yahoo, with links to several of those posts here:

Project Vision Posts:
Step 10: Achieving your Dreams
Step 9: Take Risks
Step 8: Seek a Mentor
Step 7: Take a Class
Step 6: Listen to your Heart
Step 5: Gratitude Attitude
Step 4: Creative Workflow
Step 2: Discovering your Passion and Setting Goals
Prelude - The Power of Affirmations - a Year of Self-Reflection

AMOR Ministries Journal

In this series:

AMOR Ministries Journal: Day 1 & 2
AMOR Ministries Journal: Day 3 (first day of building)
AMOR Ministries Journal: Day 4
AMOR Ministries Journal: Day 5
AMOR Ministries Journal: Day 6 
One Little Word Project
My Bucket List: Part I Travel
What to Expect on your Dog's First Vet Visit
How to be the Perfect Guest
How to Chronicle Your Children's Lives
Is Your Family Ready for a Pet?
The "Freak" and the "Grind" have Parents Saying "No Freakin' Way!"
Where There's a Will There's a Way (To Split Assets)
High School Stress: How to Relieve School Stress
All I Ever Needed To Learn As a Mom I Learned in Flight Attendant School
I Knew This Day Would Come-My Teenager is Pulling Away
One Day: Writing for a Cure
How to Cut a Mango
Bike to School: The Road to Independence
Faith, Hope and Courage Emerged from September 11
Last Words to My Children: Take the Time to Write a Love Letter to your Children
Best Graduation Books for Your Scholar
Would You Let Your Child Have Plastic Surgery?
Northern California Theme Parks
From Guangdong to Texas, From Discrimination to Assimilation